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What are the signs of a dedicated law firm? When the lawyers work hundreds of hours on a case that won't make them rich, but will set a precedent for persons who have been severely injured, but not in a way that state law recognizes.

That's Mark Rodgers and Michael Garbow of Rodgers & Garbow, PLLC, of Bemidji. The case involved teachers who were caught in the crossfire during a violent school shooting at Red Lake High School in 2005. Mark and Mike made it their mission to have the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that marred the lives of those teachers be compensated the same as any other serious on-the-job injury.

They succeeded, and Mark Rodgers and Mike Garbow were named 2012 Minnesota Lawyers of the Year as a result.

Workers' Compensation And Personal Injury Lawyers For Northern And Central Minnesota

"My dad was a labor rep," Mark Rodgers says. "I think his attitude of 'sticking up for the little guy' carried over to me. All we do is represent workers who have been seriously harmed on the job, and persons who have been seriously injured due to someone's negligence. Our job is helping that average person to obtain justice."

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Work injury cases are just some of the kinds of cases our firm handles. We also help people obtain Social Security Disability and unemployment compensation.

We Are Litigators ∙ We Will Take The Fight To Trial

Mark and Mike have more than 40 years of combined experience helping injured people obtain rightful compensation. If we are unable to settle your case appropriately, we will get the best possible result for you at trial.

If you have been seriously injured on the job or in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. In northern and central Minnesota, the lawyers to call are the Bemidji worker's compensation and personal injury attorneys at Rodgers & Garbow, PLLC, toll free at 1-800-450-4060, or email us using this form.